Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling
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Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling

QDBOSS Glass wool acoustic ceiling is made of high density fiberglass board and fiberglass felt (black, white or customized color) on surface, nonwoven fabric on the back.

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1. Introduction of Glass wool acoustic ceiling

QDBOSS Glass wool acoustic ceiling is made of high density fiberglass board and fiberglass felt (black, white or customized color) on surface, nonwoven fabric on the back. We have also solidified the acoustic ceiling edge with eco-friendly resin to increase durability and stability. The acoustic ceiling tiles have excellent soundproof performance in both mid and high frequency. They are decorative and easy to be installed, which is widely used to for sound-absorption in hospital, hotel, office, cinema, home theatre, auditorium, meeting room, multi-function room, conference room, interrogation room and etc.



2. कांच ऊन ध्वनिक छत की विशिष्टता

Product Name

ग्लास ऊन ध्वनिक छत टाइल




High density and high purity centrifugal fiberglass


90 किग्रा / एम 3


1.8 किग्रा / एसक्यूएम




20mm or customized thickness


फ्लैट, टेगुलर, छुपा हुआ

Flame retardant Rating

Class A, incombustible


≥0.85, excellent sound absorption


sound absorbing, fireproof, heat insulation, durable

रंग की

काले, सफेद, ग्रे या अनुकूलित रंग


QDBOSS Fiberglass ceiling tiles can be used in many public places where has strict request for acoustics, like Cinemas, Churches, Offices, Music Rooms, Auditoriums, Schools, Multi-purpose Rooms, and Theaters. We supplied large quantity of these false ceilings to many domestic and overseas projects and even built distributor relationships with some customers overseas.

4.Details Of Glass wool acoustic ceiling

These pictures as follows will better help you understand Glass wool acoustic ceiling. The fiberglass board is incombustible and eco-friendly. The felt on surface is also fiberglass material. The price and quality of QDBOSS acoustic ceiling tiles are more competitive than other suppliers like Armstrong, ecophon, rockwool.

5. ग्लास ऊन ध्वनिक छत की डिलीवरी और शिपिंग सेवा

Packaging details:

20mm thickness Glass wool acoustic ceiling tiles 24pcs/carton

Shipping methods:

समुद्र के द्वारा: क़िंगदाओ बंदरगाह से

हवा या एक्सप्रेस द्वारा: फेडेक्स, यूपीएस, डीएचएल या एयर पार्सल।

By Train or by land

Payment methods:

टी / टी, पेपैल, वेस्टर्न यूनियन, मनीग्राम, नकद

6. एफएक्यू

Q: What's the material of Glass wool acoustic ceiling tiles?

एक: कोर सामग्री शीसे रेशा बोर्ड है, जो लगा शीसे रेशा के साथ संलग्न किया जा सकता है।

Q: What is the NRC of Glass wool acoustic ceiling ? 

एक: NRC 0.9 तक पहुँच सकते हैं

प्रश्न: ग्लास ऊन ध्वनिक छत लौ retardant हो सकता है? कोई प्रमाण पत्र?

एक: हाँ, हम लौ retardant के लिए राष्ट्रीय पेटेंट है, हमारे ध्वनिक छत अतुलनीय है, वे ASTM क्लास ए और EN13501 क्लास बी पास कर चुके हैं।

प्रश्न: क्या आप ग्लास ऊन ध्वनिक छत के निर्माता हैं?

A: Yes, we are the largest acoustic materials manufacturer in China located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Our factory's area is 40000 square meters.

प्रश्न: अपने नेतृत्व समय क्या है?

ए: स्टॉक किए गए पैनलों के लिए, यह लगभग 3-5 दिनों का है, कस्टम पैनलों के लिए, यह 7-10 दिन है।

Q: What is your MOQ?

एक: कोई moq है

प्रश्न: कैसे आप वितरित माल मिलता है?

A: By sea, by air and by express

प्रश्न: आप कांच ऊन ध्वनिक छत के लिए OEM करने में सक्षम हैं?

एक: हाँ, हमारी ताकत में से एक OEM है


Qingdao Boss Flame Retardant Textile Materials Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, is the largest acoustic materials manufacturer in China. Our Glass wool acoustic ceiling is eco-friendly, sound absorbing, flame retardant and thermal insulation. We exhibit in Spain, India, Russia, Hongkong, United States, Korea to show our quality products every year. We built good relationships with many famous companies in recent years, like Home de Pot, Huawei, Samsung, Wanda, Dolby cinema and etc. QDBOSS has won a great reputation in overseas market with the best products and an excellent service. QDBOSS ACOUSTIC SOLUTION looks forward to cooperating with you in near future.


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